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And, the house was the first house to have electricity in the County.

A small generator building was built to the right rear of the house with solid brick walls like the house.

The journey will take you across the countryside where the foothills reach up to touch the sky, valleys roll up to meet a mountain's slope or flow outward across a low rolling landscape to meet the vast horizons to the east.

This driving tour will take you to many historical churches along the route from modest to grand in size and appearance.

For example, the house has solid brick walls which are 18" to 20" thick. There is not a crack in the plaster and the pocket doors have not been touched since 1914 and still work perfectly.

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When driving through the county's far reaches always pick up a local county map and local brochures to help guide you along your chosen scenic driving tour.

Edgar Nollie Washburn built the striking, white columned, red-bricked Neo-Classical Revival House at a cost of just under ,000.

It has remained in the family for three generations, and is currently owned by Edgar Nollie Washburn, III (Edward) and his wife Catherine.

Today, much of the landscape looks as though it hasn't changed since the arrival of the Scot-Irish in the mid-1700's.

Historical markers dot the roadside, marking the sites of significant historical events and there are plenty of these markers to checkout.

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